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Gifts of Hope

Help us tell Japanese people about Jesus. Give a Gift of Hope this Christmas season!


GIVE A gift of hope


We are excited to launch a new Christmas outreach this year, Gifts of Hope! Less than half of 1% of Japanese are Christian. Their greatest need this Christmas is the Hope of the world. Most people are familiar with Santa Claus & Christmas trees, but they’ve never heard the real Christmas story. They celebrate it because it’s an ‘American’ holiday and it’s fun. And it is! But can you imagine having Christmas without Christ? Most people have never entered a church and have never received the Gospel message before. For $10, you can give a Gift of Hope to a Japanese family this Christmas.


We’ll be going door to door, with the goal of giving 100 gifts to families in our city. They will be presented with a beautifully packaged Christmas gift, and more importantly, they’ll receive a clear presentation of the Gospel message.

Every Gift of Hope includes:
✰ A Christmas Present
✰ A card explaining the true meaning of Christmas
✰ The Gospel of John in Japanese
✰ Candy canes & Christmas comic for kids
✰ An invitation to church

For additional questions or information, please send us an email at