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Chapter One - Traveling!

Bob Sayre

Our story is yet to be written. We hope it is filled with many stories about Jesus, not just about us. We are on day 7 of our two-week, cross country road trip as a family of 4 - this is our biggest "vision sharing" journey yet. We spent 3 days traveling from San Antonio to Sullivan, Illinois. We got to see my cousins Andrew, Esteliz and Ian Gillett (Dallas, TX)  and Jamie Miller (Springfield, MO) along the way. In Sullivan we were able to spend time with my Grandma Peggy Gillett, Uncle Eddie and Aunt Sally Miller (who Abigail affectionately called Grandma Sally). Also spent some time with Curtis Miller & Jonathan and Laura Miller. Thank you Jesus for such an awesome family and a chance to spend time with them! They took such good care of us. They are behind the big move 1000%!

I especially treasured the time I got to spend with my Grandma. I have always looked up to her and Grandpa Irving Gillett (who passed away almost two years ago) and am so honored to follow in their footsteps as a missionary. They spent over 40 years as missionaries to Cuba and Mexico (church planting and Bible schools) and I always learn more every time I am with her. She even knows what it's like to move babies to a foreign country. So good to hear more missionary wife stories from her.

While in Sullivan, Bobby had the opportunity to share at Allenville Christian Church, what a sweet people! We also got to share at a pastor's gathering and a local Bible fellowship. We're praying people catch the vision. The highlight for the girls (Abigail and Elisabeth) was going to The Great Pumpkin Patch in Arthur, Illinois! Abigail had so much fun that she was making up songs about it when we left. She kept singing, "Pumpkins, pumpkins on the ground!" 🎵

We are now spending the day driving to Wisconsin where we will attend a couple of missions conferences. Abigail is so excited about our "trip" that takes us twice as long as anyone else due to a nursing 4-month old and a potty training two year old. When Google says it's a 6 hour drive, we expect 9 or 10.

I can't believe our big move is only a few months away now. It's coming down to "crunch time" to prepare and get everything in order. Sometimes it can be overwhelming but I am so thankful for Jesus. I can trust in the Lord with all my heart. He is good and faithful and cares about all of our needs. It's amazing how the worries of this world fade when our eyes are on Him. Thankful for His call and His leading.



- April
Happy Fall Ya'll!