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Standing Out!

Bob Sayre

The other day at a grocery store, I waited in a crowd of people for a chance to get my vegetables weighed and priced. While waiting, two older ladies started telling everyone to form a line and to give priority to the laowai (slang for foreigner). In the three months we've been in China, I have never seen people voluntarily form a line. I was touched by the kindness of these sweet ladies to put us first.

Everywhere we go, people tell our girls they are beautiful — piàoliang (therefore a Chinese word I've actually learned!). People are always trying to give them candy or balloons or whatever they may be holding at the time! Abigail is learning how to say "no thank you" in a polite way! ;) I am genuinely touched by the kindness of strangers here. It's easy to love the Chinese people. As we shine our light, we hope to show that good works isn't enough. Being good and kind isn't enough. Jesus is the only way, the only truth, and the only way to life  both here and in the life to come. There is so much need among these people. Most have never even heard the message of Jesus.

God, give us opportunities and open doors to share your truth. Open the hearts of the lost who don't even know they're lost.