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Let It Rain

Bob Sayre

Last night we were in a Chinese hospital until after midnight, helping one of the boys at my parents' orphanage who had gotten sick. A stark contrast to the hospitals we’re used to, the walls are drab and dirty. Patients lay on the floor or wherever they can find space. The hospital is not running at full capacity this time of night. Many of those in dire situations wait for hours to be helped. As many people stumble in, you can feel the oppression of sickness in the air. The hospital seems to embody the spiritual state of the country. The people are sick, looking for hope in a desperate place.

This week I was riding on a packed bus (the most popular form of transportation here), and noticed a man rubbing prayer beads in his hand. This is not uncommon in Asia. He is trying to please God in the only way he knows how. He is doing his best. For that man and for all of us, our best is not enough. Jesus claimed to be the one and only God. Either Jesus, the man who shaped history, is God  or He’s not. This is where our lives hang in the balance. In a way, I am lucky. The only God I’ve ever known IS the true God. But God loves everyone the same. He left you and me with the job of bringing the Gospel to everyone, everywhere. This man deserves to know about Jesus.

A couple of days ago, we got to visit a nearby village. EVERYWHERE we went in the village they were selling garlic stems! Not the garlic bulb itself, just the stems! At first this didn’t make sense. I kept asking, why just the stems!? Where is the real garlic? Field after field that we passed, people were harvesting garlic stems. It’s really a genius system. The stems are cut off before the entire garlic is ready to be picked. It’s like a harvest before the harvest. One family insisted that we take some home with us. The beautiful countryside reminded us that while we wait for the real harvest, the harvest is already happening. We’re not waiting for tomorrow or next year. God is moving today.

Everywhere we go, we see God getting ready to rain down His love! Our only goal today and for the rest of our life is to make Jesus famous. China has its quirks (as we all do), but these people deserve to be reached just as much as you or I. Let it rain!